2019: The Year of Small Changes


This year ditch the big resolutions that almost no one keeps. Join our January One Small Change challenge and then keep the momentum going throughout the year.

Why should you do it?

Data from the University of Scranton shows that only eight percent of people stick to their new year’s resolutions. Ninety-two percent of us are destined to fail and feel bad about it. Even worse, for seventy-five percent of us, the failure comes quickly - just two weeks after we started.

Recent studies have shown that people are more successful at making small changes, also known as micro habit change, than large changes. This method works for everything from being more focused to losing weight. As an added bonus, small changes bring about big, positive changes in other areas of your life. Over time, this chain of micro habit change adds up to achieving a larger, more difficult goal like losing weight, sleeping better, or reducing menopause symptoms.

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How do you do it?

  1. Identify one small change you want to make. It can be something like make your bed every day, which can lead to feeling more organized and clear-headed. Or, walk the two flights of stairs between floors at your office instead of taking the elevator, giving you an energy boost and feeling better about exercising.

  2. Write your micro-resolution down in your journal. Put a reminder on your calendar each day and check it off when complete. Putting a literal or virtual X through something on your to-do list is immensely satisfying.

  3. If you journal, write about how it feels to accomplish something every day. Give yourself praise for sticking with your commitment no matter how small.

Experts say that forming a new habit takes somewhere between ten weeks and nine months. Your clue that you achieved your goal is when the change becomes second nature and it bothers you when you don’t do it. You take the stairs to your meeting because that’s what you always do. You don’t even pause to consider the elevator. Or, you are annoyed because you flew out of the house without making the bed and your room looks messy when you get home.

How do I start a challenge on Lisa Health?

  1. Starting a new challenge with Lisa Health is easy. First, Sign Up or Sign In and go to your Dashboard.

  2. We have made personalized recommendations on plans that can help you with menopause symptoms and other midlife concerns. You can select one of those plans or use the Explore Plan option to find another plan.

  3. Each plan has several challenges you can activate. If you have not activated any challenges yet, click on Activate Challenges. The challenges are what we call “T-shirt sized” meaning they are XS, S, M, L, XL in the effort to complete them. In keeping with the January One Small Change theme, we recommend starting with XS or S.

  4. Browse the challenge selections and click on See More Details to get instructions on how to do it and resources.When you are ready, click on Activate Challenge.

  5. Sign up for email or text/SMS tips and reminders and join the community.

What’s the payoff?

Gaining a sense of self-mastery through small changes contributes to your happiness and confidence. Failure makes you feel miserable and well, like a failure. Success, no matter how small, makes you feel like a winner.

Lisa Health is here to provide resources, tips and reminders, and community. We hope you’ll join us in January in making one small change. Sign up for our beta!