Clean Beauty Award Winners

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The Clean Beauty Awards celebrates the very best performing products, created with the healthiest ingredients, from around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power of the clean, or "free from", beauty movement. In its fourth year, the awards are hosted by CertClean and supported by a panel of judges located in North America, Europe and Australia.

Women are exposed to an average of 100 chemicals before they walk out the door every day. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are natural or synthetic chemicals that act upon our hormonal systems; and, as their name implies, disrupt the finely tuned balance of normal functions governed by hormones.  EDCs have been linked to early menopause. Although the European Union (EU) has been proactively regulating the number of chemicals their consumers are exposed to in cosmetics, the U.S. has not.

To lower your personal toxins, start swapping out your products. If you are looking to reduce the endocrine disrupting personal toxins from your makeup and skincare, this list is a great place to start. You can also look up products in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. One study demonstrated that even a short break from certain kinds of makeup, shampoos and lotions may lead to a significant drop in hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Here are the award winners and finalists by category.

The Top Clean Beauty Lip Care

The Top Clean Beauty Eye Care

The Top Clean Beauty Deodorant/Odour Care

The Top Clean Beauty Lipstick

The Top Clean Beauty Facecare

The Top Clean Beauty Face Cleansers

The Top Clean Beauty Body Care

The Top Clean Beauty Sun Care

The Top Clean Beauty Lip Gloss

The Top Clean Beauty Eye Colour

The Top Clean Beauty Mascara

The Top Clean Beauty Eyeliner

The Top Clean Beauty Body Wash

The Top Clean Beauty Shampoo

The Top Clean Beauty Hair Treatment

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