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Humans have sought out thermal sensations – feelings of warmth or cold – to improve how they feel for thousands of years. Fireplaces. Hot drinks. Warm baths. Iced drinks. Ice cubes. Polar plunges. Spas. Hot stones. Warm embraces. Cold showers. All of these experiences have a powerful psychophysiological effect on the human experience, and this effect is triggered by local thermal signals being generated in the skin and processed by a complex network of regions of the brain.

Embr Wave is a new device that senses your skin temperature and uses precisely-engineered algorithms to maximize the effectiveness of its thermal sensations, which feel similar to the refreshing chill of an ice cube or the comforting warmth of a hot drink. It acts like a personal thermostat, helping you feel colder or warmer so you can be more comfortable. The device can be specifically controlled based on the needs of who is wearing it; a person experiencing a heat wave can feel immediate cooling relief within minutes, while someone trying to escape a chill can access warming comfort at the touch of a button.

The  Embr Wave  Mother's Day sale is going on now.  Get an extra $25 off by using the code LISA at checkout . That’s a total of $75 off! This offer is exclusive to the Lisa Health community and is available until 5/5.

The Embr Wave Mother's Day sale is going on now. Get an extra $25 off by using the code LISA at checkout. That’s a total of $75 off! This offer is exclusive to the Lisa Health community and is available until 5/5.


The companion app allows you to customize your experience even further. You can program 30-minute sessions, access specially designed waveforms that allow you to control how quickly the cooling or heating sensation kicks in, program extra heat, and switch the device to cooling only or warming only.

Embr is a safe, non-invasive, and natural therapy that leverages the human bodies’ natural response to temperature to help you feel more comfortable in your environment. It allows you to heat up or cool down on demand, promising to offer relief in your chilly air-conditioned office or sweating while commuting.

Quick Relief for Hot Flashes

Seventy-five percent of women experience hot flashes during menopause and most report that it’s their most bothersome symptom. Hot flashes vary widely from individual to individual, and can last from several minutes up to 20 minutes, and occur for several years or even decades. Hot flashes can make a woman feel that she has no control over her body. The sensation of being flooded with heat and even breaking out in sweat is terribly uncomfortable. Finding quick relief is all but impossible.

During a hot flash, the brain acts upon a false signal that it needs to expel excess amounts of heat. The sympathetic nervous system spikes in the first 30 seconds and stays elevated for 5-10 minutes before gradually returning to normal over the next 20 minutes (Freedman 2001). During this time, people experiencing hot flashes are naturally inclined to seek out cool sensations to give themselves immediate thermal relief. It has been suggested that immediate stimulation with cool sensations during the initial increase of sympathetic activation can limit the runaway spike in sympathetic activity, reducing the overall intensity and/or duration of a hot flash.

The makers of Embr Wave didn’t design the device for women with hot flashes in mind. It was only after receiving reviews from female customers mentioning how the Embr Wave helped provide quick relief from their hot flashes that they understood this new application for their device.

A wonderful tool for hot flash symptom relief! …I have noticed a marked decrease in the intensity and duration of hot-flashes when using the Embr Wave.”

“My mom just called me in happy tears. Embr Wave stopped her hot flash. Thank you so much. She has never found relief!”

“This is a life saver for me. I have been battling hot flashes for years and this is the first thing that has helped. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for some relief!

According to many Embr customers, the immediate cooling provided by Embr Wave can “stop a hot flash in its tracks.” Since discovering this new application for the Embr Wave, the company conducted research with customers to better understand the device’s impact on hot flashes and has learned that:

  • Embr Wave's product benefits ranged from the elimination of hot flashes to greatly reducing their severity.

  • Not only did the Embr Wave shorten the duration and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats, but for most, the Embr Wave also gave women back a sense of control: The Embr Wave allowed women to catch their hot flashes in advance of them coming on.

  • While using the product, many of the women said that their hot flashes didn’t seem as noticeable or extreme and sleeping was improved for many.


The response to Embr Wave from women has been so positive, the company and Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer Innovation team have formed a partnership to formally study the benefits of Embr Wave for menopausal and postmenopausal women dealing with hot flashes.

One of our Lisa Health team members took the Embr Wave for a test drive. She found that the pleasant cooling sensation made her hot flashes feel less intense, restoring her equilibrium more quickly.

Embr Helps with Sleep Too

A 2017 study found that many women experience sleep disturbances throughout the menopause transition, twenty-six percent of whom have symptoms severe enough to qualify for an insomnia diagnosis.

Difficulty sleeping, and in some cases insomnia, are among the earliest signs of perimenopause. The National Sleep Foundation reports that around sixty-one percent of menopausal women have sleep problems. Sleep changes during menopause can include trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and an interrupted sleep pattern, often mixed in with hot flashes. 

Once again, it was feedback from menopausal women that gave Embr Labs its first clue that the device can help promote sleep. The company started receiving reports from consumers about using Embr Wave to promote sleep during its pilots with early prototypes because menopausal women were using it to manage night sweats. 


For menopausal women, immediate access to cooling relief in the middle of the night helped reduce the disturbances of night sweats (or hot flashes). Other consumers report that localized warming can promote sleep onset and also help them return to sleep, once awoken.

I’m just really hooked on the fall asleep mode right now. It’s helping my stress-related insomnia not be such a nuisance right now.”

“I’ve noticed that I slept more soundly with less movement when I used it... It seemed to help me fall asleep faster.”

“I was having trouble sleeping...I remembered about the newest update and decided to try the new fall asleep mode! It worked great! I woke up one in the middle of the night, used it again and went right back to sleep!

The Fall Asleep Mode is now the fastest adopted waveform to date. This waveform is a special 35-minute session, in either cooling or warming, where the rhythm of the wave mimics the slow pace of relaxed breathing.

Try the Embr Wave and experience the results for yourself. The company conveniently offers free delivery, 30-day money back guarantee, and one year warranty, making the Embr Wave a low-risk investment in getting relief from annoying hot flashes and having a good night’s sleep.

For more information about how to get relief from hot flashes and sleep better, join us at Lisa Health.



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