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Do you ever find yourself eating everything on your plate or reaching for seconds and then feeling stuffed, or having an after meal snack or dessert when you’re not really hungry? Turns out, it takes our brains 20 minutes after eating to get the hormonal signal from our digestive tract that we are full. 

MealEnders came about because its founder, Mark Bernstein, wanted to curb his overeating habits. Traveling a lot for work, he was struggling with portion control and late-night snacking. He wanted to change but needed help. To his surprise, he couldn’t find anything on the market that would safely and effectively help him stop eating just a little sooner, before he crossed over into overeating mode.  So, he talked to health professionals, nutritionists, culinary specialists, and weight loss experts. The end result was MealEnders Signaling Lozenges.  

MealEnders are based on behavioral psychology and sensory science. The emphasis is on the mind-body connection and changing eating habits. The goal of the product is to clear cravings from the mouth and mind by signaling to your body and brain that you are done eating.

Graphic Courtesy of MealEnders

Graphic Courtesy of MealEnders


The outside coating of a MealEnders Signaling Lozenge is sweet and designed to act as your “dessert,” mimicking the habit that is associated with the end of the meal. The idea is that by having your “dessert,” you don’t feel the sense of deprivation that often comes with weight loss programs. After the outer layer dissolves, you are left with the inner tingly layer. This part of the lozenge is supposed to clear your palate (much like the sorbet sometimes served in between rich, fancy meal courses) and create a 20-minute pause in eating. The company’s proprietary Duo-Sensory Taste System is designed to help you stop eating and give the brain enough time to recognize that you are full.

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The Signaling Lozenge is about the size of a small piece of candy and comes in four flavor combinations. The lozenge is made of high-quality, food-based ingredients recognized as safe by the FDA, and does not contain any drugs, stimulants, herbs, or toxic ingredients. The product is gluten-free, kosher, has no artificial sweeteners, and each lozenge is only 15 calories. There is no caffeine, ma huang or other similar ingredients commonly found in weight loss pills and energy drinks. They are not pills or supplements.

The company claims that with repeated use, MealEnders helps to change eating behaviors and can assist with weight loss as part of an overall program that includes other diet changes and exercise. In a study conducted by Stanford University, researchers found that participants cut on average 231 calories per day with MealEnders. Additionally, they reported participants consumed less unhealthy snacks and desserts and showed more restraint in eating.

It’s common for women to struggle with weight gain during perimenopause and postmenopause, especially stubborn belly fat that seems impossible to lose no matter how hard you try. The company told us that many of its customers are women of menopausal age. One MealEnders customer wrote in sharing that the product helped her with menopausal weight gain.

Y’all wait till menopause hits! ...MealEnders keep me from eating everything on earth!
— Lori B.

We decided to put MealEnders to our own test.

One of our testers is in her early 60’s and postmenopausal. She was overweight and interested in trying MealEnders to help with losing the extra pounds. The other tester, in her early 50’s and also postmenopausal, was not interested in weight loss. Her goal was to improve her eating habits and health by eliminating the afternoon snack routine at work. She felt that she was snacking more out of habit and boredom or stress than actually being hungry. With no other special instructions other than what was included on the bag, we started our test.

Our weight loss tester actually lost quite a bit of weight over several months. She credits MealEnders as being a key part of her weight loss program. Whenever she feels a craving to eat more food or have something sweet, she pops a MealEnder instead. “I have been trying to eat less in the evenings, so MealEnders really help. Plus, if I wake up hungry, then I pop one. They really do take the edge off.” Since finishing the test bag of MealEnders, she continues to buy the product on her own.

Our snack-curbing tester also got good results. She found that MealEnders helped manage her craving for an afternoon snack. When she felt a snack attack coming on between 3pm and 4pm, she would have a MealEnders lozenge and a cup of herbal tea instead. “I was incredibly skeptical of MealEnders at the start but ended up being a convert. The trick is to train yourself to reach for a MealEnder instead of a snack. Sometimes the snack wins, but more and more I am reaching for a MealEnder. After having a MealEnder, my craving disappears, and I won’t eat until dinnertime. It has a nice flavor that makes you feel like you’re eating a sweet treat. Somehow, that little bit of sweetness combined with the tingly taste really does satisfy your craving. It’s just enough.”

The key to success with MealEnders is to figure out the point at which you’ve eaten enough and are about to overeat or the moment when a craving hits and you start to reach for a snack. Inserting a MealEnders into these moments can help you train yourself over time to have healthier eating habits.


Our testers reported good results from MealEnders. We also like that the company is transparent, and that the product is backed by science and has been independently studied. However, not everyone benefits from MealEnders. Reading the product’s Amazon reviews, some people reported they don’t care for the flavor or find that the lozenges curb their appetite. The company does share on their website that some people are “supertasters,” meaning that they have high taste bud sensitivity and may find the tingling sensation too strong or unpleasant. They also do not claim that MealEnders used on their own will cause weight loss. Rather, they are designed to be part of an overall weight loss program and act as a behavioral aid to overcoming overeating.

Try MealEnders for yourself and see what you think. The company offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied with the product. Drop us a line at and tell us if MealEnders worked for you. We’d love to know what you think!

For more science and expert-backed lifestyle actions and tips to help you manage your weight, come on over to Lisa Health.

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